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I’ve always loved basking in sunshine behind closed eyelids:   especially in bed first thing in the morning, when I haven’t yet opened my eyes to the day.

Today, cloud cover sometimes half-hides the light.  That which escapes the clouds must pass through leaves moving in the occasional breeze. Finally, it must run the gauntlet of my half-opened blinds.

The light which has made it through all this gently teases me, playing now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t, brushing dapples across my closed eyes.

At first I’m absorbed in the question of whether it would work to add a layer of gold where the light will be playing on the surface of the water (I’m thinking out a new painting).  I’m only half-aware of the perfection of this light.  So it tickles me a little more insistently, until I notice and say ‘oh!’