about Kye

I help people in their reach towards something luminous, something greater than themselves: maybe in writing songs or stories which touch the transcendent… or in paintings which hold awe and wonder at life… or in a job or business where they can make a difference… or in serving wisely, as a leader…

I also help my clients make it through inferno experiences without losing themselves.  Things intensified a lot after the economic meltdown. Since then so many people have been dealing with multiple, simultaneous crises. I’ve helped my clients tap spiritual and other resources, and regain resilience, peace of mind, and ultimately a renewed zest for living.  Through our work, they begin to see new possibilities and perspectives. They discover ways forward which meet the situation and which make sense to their hearts.

I help my clients keep finding answers to the questions, “How do I live with integrity here, and now, in this situation, as myself? How do I go about staying innocent, heart open and uncompartmentalized? What shining thing, greater than my own individual predicament, gives me the tenacity to keep going and to prevail?”

In my off hours I spend time with family, walk the river, tend my garden, and take pleasure in the abundant bees and butterflies who live around my home.

Learn more about me at my business website.  I am accepting new clients at this time.