why is this blog named ‘but yes’?

For me, the phrase ‘but yes!’ has many dimensions.  Here are some of them:

  • the little pause before saying ‘yes’, so that you know your ‘yes’ is real: ‘yes’ with the benefit of what comes in that moment of checking,
  • the moment of insight when something comes clear and you say, ‘but yes! of course!’  —an ‘aha’ yes,
  • the opposite of ‘yes, but’,
  • a wholehearted ‘yes’ to life—even when it’s not so easy,
  • as in the French ‘mais oui’ — ‘of course!’ …definitely, absolutely,
  • staying the course, seeing something through that is still a ‘yes’, in spite of distractions and temptations and boredom and so on,
  • or, not continuing with something –saying ‘yes’ to the body’s quiet ‘NO’ in spite of the comfort of the habitual, the feelings of loss, and the anxieties of the unknown,
  • the moment of taking something in in all its so-particular wonder, and being amazed and awed by it… ‘yes’ to the ravishing, ephemeral, sometimes-heartbreaking beauty of this moment in this world

What else does ‘but yes!’ say, to you? You can stretch it to include your meaning, with your comments below: