oil spill ways to help: a few more opportunities

by kye on May 26, 2010

Since my post yesterday I’ve run across a few more organizations who are crucially involved with the Gulf oil spill in several different ways:

All three of these organizations have been awarded 4 stars by Charity Navigator, which means they are very very good at using donations effectively.

Also, I’m thinking through how we might hook up the volunteers with people who could help sponsor their travel expenses.  Do you have ideas about how to do this, or resources that might help it happen?  Please contribute your ideas in the comments below…

  • http://twitter.com/LizEmmettMattox Liz Emmett-Mattox

    Restore America's Estuaries is a national organization dedicated to restoring estuary habitat all around the country. They are NOT a member-based organization, but are collecting donations that will go directly to the organizations and agencies that are working to clean up the immediate devastation. They will also be around to address the long term effects of the damage (much of which won't even be apparent for many years).

  • kye

    Thanks, Liz! –I hope that others will keep adding to the list.

  • kye

    I've found one more to add to the list of 4-star organizations active in work on the oil spill: Oceana — http://u.nu/5r9sa whose focus is on conservation of the ocean, itself.

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